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Hitting a Plateau

Let’s face it: going to the gym is an uphill battle for most people. It's hard for folks to get motivated, let alone stay motivated. In today’s world, our hectic schedules alone wear us out. If you’re running a gym or fitness center, one of your biggest challenges is to energize and inspire everyday people to reach their health and fitness goals by means of engaging with and visiting your facility. And not just once or a few times, but regularly.

Your Second Wind

With SMS text messaging, you have the power to instantly reach and make a connection with prospective or existing members. And with an astounding 99% open rate, you can rest assured that your message will be received and read. Boosting morale for customers struggling to reach their fitness goals, or inspiring those on the fence about hitting the gym for today’s workout means more foot traffic and improved customer retention rates for your business. The level of engagement with SMS text messaging is unmatched, approximately 90% of texts are read within just three minutes of receipt. You can also utilize MMS (multimedia messaging) to send pictures, video, GIFs and audio for a fresh take on your messaging. While your competitors fight for attention using traditional marketing channels, you’ll reach your recipients right where they are, making a connection when they need it most. Now is the time to get moving with SMS and MMS.

A Healthy Outlook

Those in the fitness industry understand the benefits of working smart, not hard. SMS and MMS can boost your customer engagement, improve retention rates and grow your member base, helping you automate your marketing and allowing you to focus more attention on managing your business and providing a killer experience for your members. The cost-efficiency of text message marketing is unparalleled and its effectiveness for growth and engagement makes it an essential tool. One London-based gym saw a 2,690 percent ROI from a single SMS marketing campaign! It’s never too early to get your marketing in tip-top shape with SMS text messaging. Get started with US TEXT ALERTS today!

Your Marketing, "Before"

In the past, gyms and fitness centers relied on traditional channels for marketing and promoting their venues; however, the results from competing via television and radio commercials, direct mail, email and billboards were typically less than impressive, if not downright underwhelming. Email open rates are a disappointing 22%; TV and radio ads can cost thousands of dollars and are often perceived as annoying disruptions to a viewer or listener’s program; direct mail has the lowest performance rate of them all, with a measly 2-5% open rate. In today’s hectic culture, modernizing your marketing is essential for your gym or fitness center; that means reaching your prospects and customers in a way that forges a direct connection, earns their trust, all via a form of communication that is comfortable and familiar.

Your Marketing, "After"

Text messaging is the solution you’ve been seeking, hidden right in plain sight. You already use it yourself and you can you can bet that your customers do, too. In fact, they want you to text them! According to research, 64% of people think companies should use SMS more often to interact with customers, and 70% percent of people consider SMS a great way to get their attention. With its incredible open rate, you can forget having to worry about competing with the chaos of expensive and unreliable television and radio ads, billboards, direct mail or emails. Simplify your marketing methods while catching up with the times via SMS text messaging. You can even give your messages more of a punch by utilizing MMS picture messaging, which allows you to send images, audio, GIFs and video. Treat your opted-in SMS contacts with the attention they deserve and the encouragement they need to get to the gym by sending motivational messages, exclusive promotional offers, or just clever reminders that your brand is all about their success. And what’s even better is that it’s incredibly simple to use, US TEXT ALERTS platform allows you to log in from anywhere on any device. Select your opted-in contacts, compose your message, and send.

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