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About Us
(18) years ago in 2006 we launched our first Text Message Marketing platform. As of the end of 2023 partnered with our North American aggregates we have moved millions of text messages/alerts Nationwide for just about every type of industry. We have been through the ups and downs in the bulk texting industry. Our success is our simple approach to text marketing that makes common sense. We do not nickel and dime our clients, we set up programs that can provide the best ROI at a fair price.

One of our most successful programs is that in 2015 we started doing a concierge service for our clients. This means we send all your campaigns, provide complete stats and tracking on all messages, and train your staff on how to effectively build your database. Most of our competition just grabs your money and throws you to the wolves. There is actually a "Right Way" and "Wrong Way" to effectively market and communicate with Text Messaging. So we want to help you make money or further your communication tools with our bulk text message services.
Text Messaging empowers any Industry whether it is Government, Emergency Services, Businesses, Schools, Churches or Entertainment entities to send "just-in-time" messages or alerts when it is most critical for their members and customers to have it. With a 100% Read-Rate, which is better than Print, TV, or Email - text messaging/alerts can be used to directly reach customers anytime and anywhere to deliver messages like no other communications channel can provide. The customer need not be in front of their computer to get the message.
In our American society a text message is the fastest and most up close and personal way of communication available.

We take care of everything for you with our VIP Concierge Service, all you have to do is promote your business with one of the most efficient, fastest, cost effective tools available.



What We Provide You
We will provide you training and support at no extra cost.  We will share sales techniques that work. Marketing materials are available.
You can have as many customers in your system as you want.
You can now set-up a text-based ad message that is constantly promoting your business, and is easily accessible to Millions of Cell Phone Users.


Your ad message can be anything you want: It can be a Discount Offer, Sales Announcement, Deal-of-the-Day, Price List, Schedule, Product Info, General Business Info, and much more.


Unlike traditional advertising where your message is fixed, you can always change/update your SMS Text ad message anytime you want, as often as you want — at NO Extra Cost to you.


You can get exposure with SMS text messaging 24/7.
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