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Searching for Answers

Your congregants lead busy lives, and capturing their attention, getting heard through all that “noise”, is increasingly difficult. Whether you’re seeking volunteers for an event or requesting donations for a family in need, your messages won’t yield results if they go unnoticed. Email winds up in SPAM folders, direct mail is expensive and environmentally unfriendly, and phone calls are time-consuming. Your messages are important and your community members want to receive them; you need to find a communications channel that reaches them wherever they are. Text-based outreach solve these problems.

A Better Way

US TEXT ALERT’s text messaging costs pennies per message and requires no software to download, or monthly minimums or commitments. We’ll even give you free credits to try it, so you have nothing to lose. Use SMS to foster community engagement, increase event attendance, facilitate vital relationships, promote volunteer opportunities, encourage giving, sharing inspirational messaging, and much more. And most of all, spend less time communicating and more time dedicated to your core missions.

In the Beginning...

Faith-based organizations have great messages to share, but all too often do so ineffectively by relying on traditional communications channels. And none of those channels, email, direct mail, phone calls...even radio and television messaging  approach the effectiveness of text messaging. Moreover, they are far more expensive, particularly given their efficiency and reach. It’s time to reach out to your community members using the means of communication they’re using with each other. And the time and money you’ll save will allow you to pursue more inspiring activities.

Looking Ahead

With text messaging, your congregants are contacted wherever they are. There’s an immediacy and intimacy, to text messaging that other channels simply don’t have. And when it comes to faith-based outreach, these traits are ideal. 

Trying to connect with parish youth? Average daily screen time for 18-24 year-olds is an astonishing ten hours. SMS is the means by which this demographic communicates; if you want your messaging to resonate with them, try reaching out on their terms. You’ll be amazed at the response.

The US TEXT ALERTS platform allows you to log in from anywhere, and on any device, you just need an internet connection. And it’s truly easy: select your opted-in contacts, compose your message, and send. It is important to have consent before you send any messages, and there are several easy ways to obtain it. For example, why not have greeters with tablets welcoming congregants to your services and encouraging them to sign up on the spot? It’s a warm and friendly way to welcome people to the program.

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