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Is Your Communication Strategy Hitting its Marks?

As a teacher, parent, school leader, or student, you understand that lacking a seamless communications system creates unnecessary hurdles in your daily life. Sharing information related to after-school events and activities, assignments and exams, campus emergencies or closures, and myriad other scenarios is dramatically improved when you have a quick and easy form of communication.But what’s the best way to keep everyone on the same page?

An A+ Solution for Your School

SMS text messaging is the fastest and easiest way for schools to maintain close contact with their communities. With a 99% open rate, text messaging essentially guarantees streamlined communication, providing a rock-solid method for school notifications. Even better, there’s a 90% chance that a text message will be read within just three minutes of receipt. When you compare that to traditional communications channels, SMS is a no-brainer for schools and universities -- particularly when it comes to quickly and effectively announcing important messages.

A New Kind of Academic Achievement

SMS text messaging is the most cost-effective and efficient method for sending notifications at schools and universities. Streamline your communication and instantly notify or update parents, students and staff of important school announcements. With text messaging, not only is it easier to communicate, but your school or university will be safer and more efficient. According to Nielsen data, 18 to 24-year-olds in 2017 sent an average of 2,630 texts per month, while 13 to 17-year-olds sent a whopping 5,339 per month. Since your students are already using text messaging, you’ll be communicating with them in a way to which they’re already accustomed, pretty much guaranteeing easy adoption. But see for yourself -- add SMS to your school’s communications strategy and dramatically improve the way your students, parents, faculty, and staff interact.

We've Come a Long Way

Before cell phones and text messaging, school-wide announcements primarily relied on in-person updates, email, regular mail, or the campus PA system. But those approaches weren't very effective for quickly communicating with teachers and students about snow days or other school closures. And when in school, not all announcements need to be shared school-wide. For example, clubs, athletic teams, and other extracurricular groups may need to communicate during times outside of practice or meetings. Emails, with an average open rate of just 22%, are a delayed and often-missed form of communication.

A Future As Bright as Your Students'

With SMS text messaging, schools can contact teachers, students, parents, and other community members wherever they are -- on-the-go notifications for instant and seamless communication. Notify parents when report cards are ready, update students with changed sports practice times or locations, and -- most importantly -- instantly notify students and parents in case of an on-campus emergency; the possibilities are endless when it comes to SMS for school notifications. And with US TEXT ALERTS easy-to-use platform, you can log in from anywhere to initiate your text announcements and even send messages using your cell phone if you’re away from a computer. With over 88% of American students owning a cell phone, the future is bright for SMS messaging as a form of effective school and campus communication.

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