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Engaging Your Community

As the leader of a nonprofit, you understand the challenges of generating engagement for your organization. A huge driver of success for your organization’s mission, engagement is one of your most essential challenges to overcome. This is particularly true considering that you are one of many entities fighting for the same spotlight. So how do you stand out and encourage engagement from your followers and the community at large?

Convey Your Mission with SMS

With SMS text messaging, boosting your engagement is easier than you think. And given that SMS is a relatively new form of marketing, it’s the perfect time for your organization to get onboard and stay ahead of the game. With a 99% open rate, text message marketing is significantly more effective than traditional methods, such as email, direct mail, and others. With SMS text messaging, you can immediately reach your audience wherever they are, and there's a 90% chance that they'll read your message within just three minutes of receipt. With this kind of impact, you’ll be able to automate your outreach and watch your nonprofit grow, as you focus on mission-critical activities.

Rely on SMS for Audience Engagement

SMS text messaging is a powerful and easy way to boost engagement. It’s the modern way to interact with your audience on-the-go and is a proven method of communication far surpassing that of traditional methods like email, billboards, and expensive television and radio ads. It is cost-effective and simplifies the process of automating your efforts, allowing you to spend less time promoting your nonprofit and its activities, and more time focusing on your mission. Mass text messaging for nonprofits helps them save time and money while strengthening their two-way relationship with followers. It’s never been easier for nonprofits to take control over their outreach and stand out from the crowd.

Modern Communication for the Modern Nonprofit

In the "old days," nonprofits were restricted to traditional marketing channels -- often expensive and ineffective, and typically also employed by competing organizations, resulting in fierce battles for attention. Billboards, television, and radio ads are expensive and not always consistent with a nonprofit’s mission and brand. Live events take time and labor that cut into your daily activities. Emails, with a meager 22% open rate, are no longer reliably delivered. Indeed, these methods are outdated, inefficient, or both. It’s time for a faster, more powerful, and more efficient means of outreach. Free texting service for nonprofits can transform the mission.

A Community Engaged

Thanks to advances in technology, reaching your audience and boosting engagement has come a long way. Send messages with ease, creating a lighter workload for your staff while ensuring busy recipients receive your messages on-the-go. Encourage interaction and engagement by asking recipients' opinions, hosting a poll, vote, or contest, or employing other interactive methods to promote your cause and get noticed. And best of all, SMS is incredibly easy to use -- you can even initiate text broadcasts directly from your cell phone. In no time, you’ll be reaping the benefits of consistently reaching out to and engaging with your audience.

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